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Beyoncé Brings Out Serena Williams & Jay Z During Final Formation Concert


During her last Formation World Tour concert Friday night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Beyoncé surprised the crowd with a number of guest appearances, but we’d argue that nobody got the crowd hyped more than Serena Williams, because these two brought “Sorry” to life, and Jay Z, because duh. After cutting the music and scolding the audience for not being loud enough, Bey announced that there was a special guest who would be taking the stage. Shortly afterward, the tennis pro took the throne, therefore bringing two queens on stage at once, and began doing her famous twerk that we first witnessed when Lemonade dropped, while Queen B reminded the crowd to put them middle fingers up and put ‘em hands high.

hings got extra exciting, too, when Bey decided to bring out her hubby! The couple performed “Drunk in Love” together, marking the first time they’ve hit the stage side by side in over a year. There was obviously some PDA, which only added to the insanity that was felt by the crowd who was all about what just happened. The final show was a star-studded event, of course, with celebs like Taylor Schilling, Adrienne Moore, Hugh Jackman, and Frank Ocean all in attendance tonight. Another memorable moment from Bey’s show tonight is one that made the Twitterverse, and Queen B herself, laugh out loud.

At one point during a performance of “All Night,” Beyoncé directed the microphone down at a fan to sing along, but the sound that came out of the audience member’s mouth was not what Bey expected, and she couldn’t help but get initially frightened and then openly laugh at the moment. That girl is pretty much all of us when asked to sing in front of Beyoncé.

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