Breast Cancer Awareness: Powerful True-life stories of African Breast Cancer Survivors



Breast Cancer Awareness: Powerful True-life stories of African Women that beat Breast Cancer

Their stories include:

➢ Finding out that you have a potential fatal diagnosis of breast Cancer after your breast has already been removed, your doctor (most likely not an oncologist, doesn’t even know your name, just keeps demanding money and doing nothing for you.

➢ Battling with returning to normal life where everybody treats you like an outcast because you have the “CURSE” of breast cancer, which is still stigmatized in Africa

“One Quiet Voice” presents these women through an indebt exploration and analysis of their comprehensive beauty, their extraordinary Struggle, their Courage, Strength, their unique challenges and confusions…. especially in the playground of the resultant personality conflict and societal attitudes.

One Quiet Voice, Above The Silence is a true life story presentation | A Musical Stage Production

An event to promote the cause of providing breast cancer awareness, information, knowledge and assistance in the fight against Breast Cancer

Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PDT)
Houston, Texas


For more information on Breast Cancer, Visit Courage To Dare Foundation

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A foundation dedicated to creating advanced education and awareness about breast cancer to thousands of rural communities and individuals living in Wisconsin and West Africa. From Juliet Aguwa’s personal experience, her vision for Courage To Dare Foundation was formed. Having gone through all the stages of treatment and emerging a survivor.




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