Importance and Benefits of Professional Development


Professional Development enhances excellence, productivity, sustainability, and success. There is a tremendous value in professional development that enables efficiency in various workplaces, communities, and organizations. Periodic review of one’s personal skills, education, and experience provides the ability to evaluate specific skills or knowledge relevant to the area of expertise.

Many individuals see professional development only as a way of accruing professional credits, units or time to maintain their licenses or registrations only. People need to start looking beyond this reason. This kind of reasoning leads to not getting the full value of the benefits for the need to boost and maintain a successful career. It is easy to forget a lot of topics taught in school, and taking refresher courses brings back good memories of information and provides the platform to maintain one’s knowledge courageously.

Professional Excellence requires a combination of knowledge, focus, commitment, hard work, plan, vision, soft skills, networking and real-time exploration of new ideas. To progress in one’s occupation effectively, then it becomes highly necessary to engage in various forms of activities like consulting with other people, interpersonal skills training, attending conferences, short courses, lessons learned discussion groups, volunteer activities and other forms of learning opportunities. Professional Development enables one have the versatility and strength to compete with peers, which gives a solid strategy to restructuring yourself for career sustainability and success.

Productivity – The world is fast changing, and new updates are trending in various industries. It is great to keep abreast of current attributes and technologies to validate commitment to assigned tasks. Attending these continuing learning activities whether hands on or formal education equips one with the right skills at home, work and in the communities.

Sustainability and Success are the definitions of goals; challenging the ability to execute the goals; the sustainable foundation to maintain current and new objectives; fulfillment of ambition and unlimited in all aspects of life. These are meaningful depending on the success factors; achievable by everyone; available to everyone and beautiful in the eyes of those who appreciate. We must all learn to encourage and celebrate Success as defined by one another because goals differ.

Personally, my benefits for participating periodically in different kinds of learning channels as applicable to my current job include the focus on project goals and objectives while demonstrating a positive attitude and maintain good working relationships internally across various groups. Also, to build trust and credibility; Integrate project goals and results to support business goals; take responsibility for my actions and develop a high standard set of competencies; deal with the management of change successfully; see the opportunity in the midst of risks, challenges and obstacles.

Ultimately, it is advisable for individuals to embrace professional development seriously to solidify soft, technical skills and hands-on proficiency in any environment. Professional Development is a valuable tool that will drive consistent creativity for better results, serve others and become highly adaptable to current changes required in any industry.



Ngowari Diminas, PMP

Project Engineering Consultant

Email: n.diminas@westpaq.com





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