Restructuring Yourself for Career Sustainability and Success


There is no direct path to career success, but I have learned a lot on my journey from one job to another. It might not necessarily be the job of your dreams initially, but with the ten ways listed below based on my personal experience and watching other successful people, it goes a long way to re-position you in the direction you desire.

VISION – Always visualizing yourself in the big picture is vital. Looking at where you see yourself after a period is what gives you the insights on what your personal goals are and how realistic it may be.

APPROACH – You need to look into how you approach situations in your daily activities. It is necessary to check your attitude with people at work, business, and family. We get discouraged when some of our short-term goals are still pending, and we then have a “spiral effect” approach as I call it. Ensuring everyone feels the negativity around you. Always remember that you alone are responsible for making sure your goals will be met, and you only need an excellent manner of approach towards other people if you need their input.

VALUES – This is where you need to hold yourself accountable and responsible for your work. There should be a high level of integrity that you need to set. Any goal or job without accountability or responsibility is not useful. It lacks quality and no sense of particular purpose.

PLAN – This is a very critical activity everyone needs to have in their daily tasks. You need to plan everything where you can identify what you need in the future concerning resources. It helps to show how you can use your time. Time is one of our most valuable assets so using it positively is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

PROBLEMS – Ensure that you are ready to identify problems faced along your career path apparently. Always try to find ways to resolve them. Do not blame others and even though others might be responsible, try to have alternative options based on lessons learned to overcome them in the future. Ask the necessary questions and research answers.

MONITOR & REVIEW – Real-time self-monitoring and reviewing your goals at different stages helps to keep you in check on your progress. At this juncture, you can quickly re-define your goals, integrate some of them or even move forward to later stages. Monitor and review are the optimizations of all your daily or monthly tasks.

SKILLS – Self-improvement is a key factor to career sustainability. You should always check your skills at various stages of your career. Identifying the right skills required for each goal is imperative. It is the most efficient and effective way to attain lots of goals. There are so many continuing professional development courses/training and hands-on training that is useful and required as the world is changing fast.

WILLINGNESS TO LEARN – Often, people feel they have enough knowledge and therefore don’t need to learn from others or read more books. The fact is that reading, researching, on-line access to webinars or libraries and magazines exposes you to continuous knowledge. Being a Subject Matter Expert is right but also being an individual of general knowledge is better.

ENGAGEMENT – It is highly recommended to maintain a healthy level of social-professional association. If it is possible, be a volunteer and also attend various professional events and participate in question & answer sessions. Networking with others is great.

FOCUS – This is the part that requires you to remain encouraged no matter what obstacles you face. Focusing at all times is imperative. There are many times goals will not be met, but one needs to have eyes on the vision. Remember to keep it moving and continue to explore new ideas.

It is very crucial to believe in whatever career path you have decided to follow with great passion and continuous hard work. It may be slow, but as long as it is steady and sustainable, you are definitely on the right path.


Ngowari Diminas

Ngowari Diminas, PMP

Project Engineering Consultant

Email: n.diminas@westpaq.com




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