18 members of Congress now boycotting Trump’s inauguration


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Civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis knows a thing or two about fighting for what’s right, and this week he’s taken another moral stand: refusing to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. Speaking to NBC News, the Georgia congressman said, “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president… I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected.” Lewis’ stance earned him a Trump tweet-attack, but he isn’t alone. The congressman is now one of at least 20 U.S. representatives who have vowed to skip the inauguration as a protest against the incoming president and his policies. Here’s who has committed to boycotting the event so far. We’ll update this list as it grows:

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (Illinois) 
Illinois’ Luis Gutiérrez was the first congressman to announce he would not attend the inauguration back in December of 2016. “I could not look my wife, my daughters, or my grandson in the eye if I sat there and attended, as if everything that the candidate said about the women, the Latinos, the blacks, the Muslims, or any of those other things he said in those speeches and tweets, and that all of that is okay or erased from our collective memory,” he recently told the House floor. Instead, he will attend the Women’s March on Washington.

Representative Katherine Clark (Massachusetts)
Clark, a friend of Lewis, is no stranger to protest. She was the first to suggest a sit-in on the House floor for gun control measures in June — something Republicans are still furious about. On January 5, Clark tweeted a statement confirming she would not attend Trump’s swearing-in. “I do not feel that I can contribute to the normalization of the President-elect’s divisive rhetoric by participating in the Inauguration,” she wrote.

Representative Jared Huffman (California)
On January 7, Huffman wrote in a Facebook post that “it is abundantly clear to me that with Donald Trump as our President, the United States is entering a dark and very dangerous political chapter. I will do everything I can to limit the damage and the duration of this chapter, and I believe we can get through it. But I will not sit passively and politely applaud as it begins.” He continued: “the way to defeat his dark political agenda is not to sit around complaining and criticizing; it is through active citizenship, principled resistance and positive counteraction.”

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