Ag President Osibanjo, A Trap Has Been Set For You By Kalu Aja


Ag President Osibanjo…..A trap has been set for you.

“They” have arrested a Nigerian named Babatunde Gbadamasi . The DSS has kept him in custody for about 4 days now. Sir, we are not privy to what Mr Gbadamasi is accused of, but whatever his offense he cannot be held without charge for more than 48 hours…

Sir, since you assumed leadership of this great nation, we note Nigerians have protested and no one has been shot to death. Ordinary, we should not celebrate the right to protest but Nigerians have died because they tested that fundamental choice to protest.

This gentleman arrested is a politician so in effect his arrest by the Secret Police makes him a political prisoner. The security service that arrested him and detained him in variance with the constitution want to soil your short but impressive record….they want to “tag” you as a President that also jails Nigerians who speak out or protest.

Buhari has political prisoners….
Osibanjo also has political prisoners….

That is their goal sir …to tag and smear you.

Sir, perhaps because of the fast pace of your administration you may overlooked this, we as citizens draw your attention to it, and the danger it portends. You are being tested sir…but we sleep knowing you will answer this test by the power of your belief in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Send Mr Gbadamasi back to his family sir.







- Kalu Aja, Contributor

Kalu Aja is a Financial Planner and Economic Strategy Consultant with over 20 years expertise in the financial services industry. Kalu also manages a small government advocacy blog www.KaluAja.com He also writes and speaks on various media and forums along the topics of financial literacy, fiscal federalism and limited government.

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