Clinton’s remarks singed, Trump’s burned at charity dinner


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Trump opened with light-hearted remarks — referencing his “beautiful hands” and joking that the event with more than 1,500 attendees was for him “a small, intimate dinner with some friends. Or as Hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season.” But the mood turned dour when Trump began to directly take on Clinton. Trump skewered Clinton’s use of a personal email server and accused her of ducking FBI questions. He pointed to WikiLeaks’ hack of Democratic emails and accused her of hating the Catholics for whom the event is a high-dollar fundraiser, with attendees paying at least $3,000 each.

“According to her sworn testimony, Hillary has forgotten more things than most of us will ever, ever know — that I can tell you,” Trump said, to crickets. “We’re having some fun here tonight.” Clinton takes shot at Trump’s comments on women. Clinton, too, made a more direct political attack on Trump than is customary at an event that typically features light-hearted roasting. With Trump’s wife in attendance, Clinton said: “Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a 4 — maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.”

Clinton joked about her own personality. “I know that I am not known for my sense of humor. That’s why it did take a village to write these jokes,” she said. She also lampooned the Democratic ticket — including Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.
“I’m not boring at all. In fact, I’m the life of every party I attend, and I’ve been to three,” she said, adding that when parties get out of hand, they need a “chaperone to get them home safely — and that is why I picked Tim Kaine to be my vice president.”

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