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Introducing the New and Exciting Nigerian Animated Series – Rat Race


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A fresh and exciting animated TV/Web series is currently in production by Nigerians, for Nigerians. “Rat Race” is a 2016 Nigerian 2D animated series written and produced by Michael Adukeh and Lionel Spiff. The series would be directed by Mesh Ad Studios and produced by Redmonkeyz Media.


Rat Race” follows the lives of two rats across suburban Nigeria as they tackle everyday Nigerian problems in a humorous, satirical and reflective way. Set in modern day Nigeria, “Rat Race” features Nkapi (voiced by Michael Adukeh), an alpha rat, cunning, smart and ambitious and Nka (voiced by Lionel Spiff), a dull, easy going and sluggish rat often gullible to Nkapi’s schemes.

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