Iran test fires another ballistic missile, report says


The Iranian government has test fired a ballistic missile for the first time during President Donald Trump’s administration, Fox News reported Monday. Fox’s report cited U.S. officials in reporting that the missile test was carried out Sunday at a site near Semnan, about 150 miles east of Tehran. The medium-range missile flew about 600 miles before it exploded. Such a launch would be a violation of a United Nations resolution that was passed last summer after the landmark nuclear agreement, which prohibits Iran from testing missiles of any kind for eight years.

The provision, however, is not part of the nuclear deal. The reported test, picked up by U.S. surveillance satellites, would be the second Iran has carried out since the resolution. Tehran, however, has said such tests are not illegal because they are not intended to carry nuclear warheads. Iran defense minister Hossein Dehqan said last year that the missile would go into production.




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