Nigeria: Election 2015 Debate



Does the President Goodluck Jonathan/PDP led FG present the better option for the Next 4 yrs?

Kennedy Emetulu – Proposes that the continuity of the GEJ led FG for the next four years from May 2015 is the best path to attaining his vision, goals and dreams for Nigeria towards 2015 and beyond.

Pius Adesanmi – Disagrees, he believes that the opposition APC at the Federal Government, is a better route towards achieving the Nigeria of his dreams.

Kelechi Deca – Would moderate the debate

The speakers would discuss important national policy, evaluating how each party and its candidate is perceived on; education, public policy, economy, corruption, infrastructure development, national security, rule of law, foreign, domestic and public policy, power, oil and gas (deregulation vs government controlled fuel consumption subsidy) and many more national issues.

The debate would focus beyond who sits in Aso Rock in May 2015 for the next four years, the speakers seek to engender strong issue based discussions for the best interest of the Soul and Future of Nigeria.

Start: Saturday January 10th, 2015 at 5:00 PM (Lagos), 4:00 PM (London), 10:00 AM (Houston), 9:00 AM (Calgary)

Debate would be held online on the PanAtlantic Journal’s online debate platform @


Start –
Segment 1.

Moderator’s Opening remarks
Proposing Speaker’s opening remarks
Opposing Speaker’s opening remarks
Speakers respond to one another’s opening remarks
Segment 2

Moderator opens discussion on each topic, to be addressed successively.

Education. Economy. Corruption. Infrastructure development. National security. Rule-of-law. Foreign and domestic policy. Power. Oil and gas policy – (deregulation vs government controlled fuel consumption subsidy) and many more national issues.
Segment 3

Open discussion between speakers, responses with remarks from moderator.

Response to questions and comments of interest from the floor


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