Purging the Nativist Anger


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My blood rises today against recent systemic killings of Black Americans. It will be usual to say a prayer but I am just plain angry to say one. I am also so pissed that sloganeering #BlackLivesMatter will not do… There has been a rash of white law enforcement agents under the guise of fear, self-defense, unworthy suspicion of the possession of weapons or drugs. The list is endless, Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, 18, Wendell Allen, 29, Manuel Loggins Jnr, Jonnie Warren, 43, Stepon Watts, 15, Justin Slipp, 20. In fact Eye Witness News reflected recent rashes using this photo-map below.

The most recent is Keith Scott. As usual, there is another denial, another protest in the streets, another commemoration and subtle placating of the Black American society by the American police by propping another black successful policeman as an exemplar of balance, another admittance of fear for the black presence and the likelihood of delayed or denied justice. The patterns seem to have been established since the murder of Emet Till by white aristocrats for something as petty as complimenting a white woman.

I will only say that Black Americans need leadership, they need it just like all Africans suffering under the weight or shade of neocolonialist enslavement needs good or subversive leadership. The cooperation of the people also need to be a contribution, a holistic cultural contribution from music, to film, to comedy, to professional life and career, to subverting deliberate ghettoization of Black American landscapes by changing the minds of the people, by joining hands with communities to recreate shattered family systems that make blacks stereotypes for crimes with their destinies as prisons. The best way to respond to an ‘enemy’ is to be successful and to infiltrate the ranks by creating unspoken brotherhoods.

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