The shortage of qualified and interested people in STEM disciplines is a global problem.  This is even worse in Nigeria especially as the educational system has spiraled downwards in the past two decades. The majority of the students in Nigeria are taught science by memorization and rote. There is very little or no hands on learning, practicals nor is the relevance of the concepts of what they are learning discussed. A lot of students get turned off STEM subjects due to this and therefore never develop the right level of skills and interest to excel.

Why does CARISMA4U Educational Foundation care?

  • People with STEM skills are our innovators, makers, creators,, explorers and employers.
  • Getting kids hooked on STEM skills at a young age is key to developing a love of these disciplines to last a lifetime.
  • Children need to discover that STEM can be made fun through interactive activities and kits.
  • Together Children and teachers can develop problem solving skills with hands- on projects in science, technology, engineering, and math, hopefully teach their parents.


The following are our needs for this proposal

  1. Software – $500
  2. Hardware –  STEM kits from different vendors— ($5,000)
  3. Training – STEM curriculum, videos and books from recognized international STEM educational providers.- $1,500
  4. Stands, Tents, Tables, Logistics etc (items for stands and hosting students, teachers and families)  – $3,000
  5. Manpower (facilitators and trainers who will work with teachers, students and families plus administrative staff)  – $4,000
  6. Extra costs- Wifi, Fuel for transportation, fuel for power generation, communication costs  – $1,000

Total :    $15,000

We would like assistance in driving a crowdfunding campaign for this project.

Donate Through PayPal –

Bank Details – 1019777886 Carisma Educational consulting, UBA Bank, Nigeria.

For People globally who prefer to transfer money directly, please contact us at for more details or go to



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