Tech Careers Are The Safest Bet For Our Children – Are We Getting Them There? By Tola Salau


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‘Most educators accept the theory of getting students ready for the future but fail to create a plan for supporting readiness.’ –Adetola Salau

As the Nigerian economy continues to stagnate following a nose dive of our oil and gas sector, loss of jobs, and a financially-strapped Government, the future for our children can often appear bleak. The good news is there is clearly a huge area of growth and opportunity in technology jobs across all sectors. The question is, are we doing enough as parents to re-orient our children to this new reality? Here are some astounding facts about the current tech industry:

– Technology jobs are growing at twice the rate of all other professions.

– Computer science graduates earn 40% more on average than other post-secondary graduates.

– Only 6% of post-secondary students are currently enrolled in technology based programs.

The rapid growth of technology-based careers makes sense when you think of how every single industry is evolving. All across, in banking, sports, or farming, all sectors are deploying more hardware, software, and internet connected tools than ever before. Who is going to create and make use of all of these tools if we don’t educate our students on mastering them? There is much a lot of talk about increasing technology training in our schools by ministry of Education, and the private sector too. However, this will take a lot of effort and take several years to implement on a large scale. Lack of funding, resources, and teacher training are all massive roadblocks in the current environment. 

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