Our Universities & Colleges Must Transform To Meet The Challenges Of The 21st Century by Tola Salau


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Life is moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation. —Nia Peeples. I love campuses!!! Love the ambiance, love the energy radiating off students, and I can’t enough of it. I am most at home on a campus setting anywhere in the world. I was born in a campus hospital, and grew up on a campus. I wouldn’t change the experience of growing up on one. To this day, I am happiest when on campus and most days find an excuse to go to the University of Lagos campus which is within my vicinity.

On any given day, I watch them interact and wonder about the kind of world that they are going to inherit. Their expectations are unlike those my generation—these students are technologically savvy, socially engaged and forward-thinking individuals who continuously seek new and innovative opportunities to grow and be challenged. My question is whether those of us responsible for their learning are ready to face the challenge —to create innovative and cutting-edge programs and initiatives that engage these students (millennials) while exposing them to in-demand skills and abilities for the modern workforce.

There needs to be more integration of technology to facilitate learning, implement innovative methods such as flipped classrooms or gamify math lessons, we must figure out how best to reach these students where they are. The future of higher education, and that of our global economy, is dependent on the ability of colleges and universities around the world to produce a competitive workforce prepared to succeed in the global economy. It is interesting that most of these millennial college students can’t envision life without technology.

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