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Victoria’s Secret Just Released an Unretouched Photo With Stretch Marks (Pictures)


When you ask someone to list off a bunch of brands that don’t use Photoshop, it’s unlikely anyone would name Victoria’s Secret. The lingerie company has been called out numerous times for altering photos and creating unrealistic body standards. But images of this year’s $3 million Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bright Night ~Fantasy Bra~, released Thursday, show one Angel’s stretch marks. That’s called progress, folks.


Supermodel Lara Stone Flashed Her Spanx.


Celebrities Wearing Things!

In the pictures, the model chosen to strut her stuff in 2016’s 450-carat design, Jasmine Tookes, strikes a sultry pose and pops her booty. Close up, it’s clear that said booty has its fair share of the totally normal, everyone-has-‘em lines.


VS hasn’t given an official statement about whether or not the less-altered image was intentional. But the decision to leave the pics alone could mean that the company is slowly changing its perspective and following in the footsteps of other underwear brands, like Aerie. When the American Eagle offshoot vowed not to Photoshop their girls in 2014, it actually caused a 20 percent boost in sales. After seeing what body positivity does for revenue, it’s possible that Victoria’s Secret is looking for the same results.

Baby steps!

– Cosmopolitan



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